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Tourist Attractions in Tibet - What to see & things to do

Tibet wasn't officially opened for tourism until the 1980s. Since then, Tibet has been able to reveal its charm to the outside world. Its rich religious and historic heritages are just awesome! The vastness of nature is just so captivating. And the people here are devout, keeping to their faith and tradition. It is an interesting place, much different than any other places in the world.

There are so many temples, monasteries, lakes and mountains in Tibet that visitors often feel puzzled when they decide which sites to visit. Here are the top rated attractions in Tibet, which will help plan your trip to tibet wisely and make it worthwhile: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple & Bankhor Street in Lhasa; Namtso Lake in Nagqu; Yamdrok Lake in Shannan; Palkhor Monastery and Kumbum Stupa in Gyangtse; Rongbuk Monastery and Mt. Everest base camp in Tingri, as shown on the travel map of Tibet below. Click here to get Tibet travel ideas and the standard Tibet tour packages.


Tourist Attractions in Tibet

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