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Tibet is a vast and mysterious land which cannot be described in a piece of words or a page. Well, Tibet Travel Planner is your best guide to build your incredible trip in Tibet.

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Dreaming about travel to Tibet but without action? No, it is time to may your dream come true. Tell us your plan, and we handle the rest.

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Find the perfect itinerary by theme, budget and duration.

Tibet Travel Guide

Must Know Before You Go

Due to its special culture and location, doing some homework is necessary before going to Tibet, which will help you get rid of many possible troubles.

Tibet Travel Guide

Tibet Facts & Impression

Traveling is not just about visiting a place. There are many other important parts which make your trip complete and enjoyable, such as accommodation, sightseeing, mapping...

Tibet Travel Guide

Travel Guide

Why is Tibet so attractive? What make Tibet so special? We think the answer differs. Tibetan people, culture, Buddhism...Many people think Tibet trip is once in a lifetime experience which can change their life.